26th week of 2021

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New profile picture, putting the weekly log on hold, using long command line flags when scripting, bookmarklet to hide sensitive information, support tables for HTML and CSS in email clients (Can I Email).

Table of contents

👨‍💼 Work

Still on vacation. ✌

👨‍🚀 Personal

New profile picture

I have been meaning to take a new profile picture for 1,5 years, ever since getting new eyeglasses. Head over to my GitHub profile to see it. I like that the picture features Moominpappa. 😄

Putting the weekly log on hold

This is the last weekly log entry for the time being. I originally started the weekly log to reduce stress: by publishing short weekly log entries, I wouldn't need to stress so much about my blog.

What actually happened: now I have two things to maintain; the blog and the weekly log.

I previously ditched my website's Cookbook section. I might do the same for the weekly log. Before that, I'll slowly migrate stuff from the weekly log to independent blog posts.

👨‍🎓 Learnings

Haven't coded much this week, so no learnings.

🕵️‍♂️ Cool stuff

Three quickies:

💁‍♂️ More Weekly log entries

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