11ty vs Eleventy

Published on in Eleventy

The two names are often used interchangeably, but there's a slight difference: 11ty is the organization, Eleventy is the static site generator.

I used to use the name "11ty" when talking about Eleventy, the static site generator. Apparently that's slightly wrong; from a GitHub comment by Zach Leatherman (the author of Eleventy):

11ty is the org and eleventy is the software. I know that's confusing. In retrospect it may have been nicer to use 11ty/11ty but I didn't 😅.

There you have it. From now on I'm going to use the name "Eleventy" when talking about the static site generator. A bit shame, since "11ty" looks better.

When to use the name "11ty" then? Dunno, I rarely talk about the organization.

By the way, some extra confusion before you go: