Yello! 👋 I'm Matias

I'm a web developer, blogger and podcaster.

I'm from Finland, hence the .fi top-level domain.

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Why compose() is right-to-left

Published on in JavaScript

Functions composed together with compose() are called from right to left. It feels unintuitive at first, but it's conventional and kind of makes sense.

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Formatting lists with JavaScript's Intl.ListFormat

Published on in JavaScript

Last updated on

Pass an array of strings and get back a string with the array items separated by commas, except with the last comma replaced with the word "and" or "or." Like "item 1, item 2 and item 3."

How to change Modified date programmatically in Episerver

Published on in C# and Episerver

Last updated on

When migrating content from another platform to Episerver, I wanted to set a specific datetime for each content's Modified date (Saved property). Sounds simple, but it was only possible by using Episerver's internal, undocumented API.