My little personal projects. Last updated on Apr 10, 2022. (GitHub)2020–2021
This website you are on. Built with Eleventy + Preact + Tailwind CSS.
Co-host of a Finnish podcast about coding and meta-level things like productivity. The name means "code hangover."
AutoHotkey v2 scripts2020–2021
Small yet mighty scripts for AutoHotkey v2. My favorite of my own projects because the scripts do so nice things! ⭐
Need for Speed2021
...or is there? My first ClojureScript project and the winning entry to a coding challenge. πŸ†
Clojure solutions to Advent of Code2021
I started solving Advent of Code 2021 with Clojure but quickly forgot about it. πŸ™ˆ
JS solutions to Advent of Code2020
I discovered Advent of Code in 2020. The puzzles are fun yet exhausting, so I'll let my brains relax until December 2021.
Master's thesis2020
Evaluating and improving web performance using free-to-use tools. "Web performance" in this case means loading and rendering speed.
Bus route solver2020
Using Mithril.js and reactive streams to find the fastest bus route between two stops.
Anagram name generator2017–2018
A front-end–only web app for generating anagram names. Using Web Workers to do the heavy stuff in background threads.
Airport game2018
A little browser game made with vanilla JavaScript. My submission to a school assignment about defensive programming techniques.
Bachelor's thesis (in Finnish)2016
Effects of website loading speed on user satisfaction. TL;DR: Website loading speed is important. πŸ˜…