Anagram name generator (2017–2018)

A front-end–only web app for generating anagram names. Using Web Workers to do the heavy stuff in background threads.

Anagram names are generated by rearranging the letters of a name. For example, my name "Matias Kinnunen" has the same letters as "Austin Mankinen."

I built the app in 2017 to learn Web Workers. Generating anagram names takes several seconds – the longer the input name, the longer it takes – so generating them in the main thread would freeze the UI. Web Workers perform the heavy stuff in background threads, keeping the UI snappy.

Originally I built the UI using jQuery. A year later (2018) I rewrote the UI using Mithril.js. It has since been my favorite front-end framework!

The app is currently not open source. I could open source it, but first I'd like to revamp the UI and add English localization. Maybe some day.

👉 Generate anagram names (in Finnish)