RSS/Atom and JSON feeds to keep track of new content on this site.

RSS/Atom feeds

These are actually Atom feeds, but I call them "RSS/Atom feeds" because the term "Atom" might not be as well-known as "RSS."

JSON feeds

These feeds follow the JSON Feed Version 1.1 spec. These are for you if your feed reader of choice supports JSON feeds.

Following without a feed reader

If you don't use a feed reader, you could try googling "rss to email." There seems to be a few such services, though I have personally never used any service like that so I don't know whether they are good.

If you use IFTTT, you could try out the Subscribe to any RSS Feed applet. It's made by IFTTT itself, so I presume it should work well.

If you use a bookmark manager like Raindrop, you could try googling "raindrop rss" and so on.

Finally, consider also trying out an RSS reader, they are useful! I personally use BazQux Reader and can warmly recommend it (no affiliation).