Auto-converting EPUB files to AZW3 instead of MOBI in Calibre

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MOBI is an old e-book format. AZW3 is a newer and apparently better format; for instance, it supports embedded fonts. Here's how to configure Calibre to prefer the better format.

  • Global settings
    1. In Calibre, go to Preferences → Behavior
    2. Change "Preferred output format" from MOBI to AZW3
  • Device settings might override global settings, so check device settings too
    1. Plug in your device (via USB)
    2. In Calibre, select Device → Configure this device
    3. Under "Select available formats and their order for this device," move azw3 to the top
      • My old order was this:
        1. azw
        2. mobi
        3. azw3
        4. ...
      • So I moved azw3 to the top:
        1. azw3
        2. azw
        3. mobi
        4. ...