.mts is a cool file extension (TypeScript ES modules)

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What's that, a file extension named after me?! Or a file extension for TypeScript files that are always ES modules?

I was reading the Prettier 2.5 announcement post the other day and noticed that "Prettier will now format files with .mts and .cts extensions as TypeScript."

Turns out .mts is not named after my first name (Matias). It's for TypeScript files that are always ES modules.

Usually JavaScript files use the .js extension and TypeScript files use the .ts extension. Such files can be either ES modules or CommonJS modules.

The TypeScript 4.5 Beta announcement post explains when the more precise file extensions can be useful (emphasis added):

Node.js supports a new setting in package.json called type. "type" can be set to either "module" or "commonjs".

This setting controls whether .js files are interpreted as ES modules or CommonJS modules, and defaults to CommonJS when not set.


The type field in package.json is nice because it allows us to continue using the .ts and .js file extensions which can be convenient; however, you will occasionally need to write a file that differs from what type specifies. You might also just prefer to always be explicit.

Node.js supports two extensions to help with this: .mjs and .cjs. .mjs files are always ES modules, and .cjs files are always CommonJS modules, and there's no way to override these.

In turn, TypeScript supports two new source file extensions: .mts and .cts. When TypeScript emits these to JavaScript files, it will emit them to .mjs and .cjs respectively.

There are more details in the first section of the TypeScript 4.5 Beta announcement post.

Some tools may also require or encourage the more precise file extensions. An analogy: Vite (a build tool) supports JSX by default only in .jsx and .tsx files (but not in .js and .ts files) for performance reasons.

Can you think of a file extension that's named after you?