Making Plausible exclude your own mobile browser visits

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Here's how to stop Plausible Analytics from counting your own visits made using mobile devices. Hint: use a bookmarklet.

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How to exclude your own desktop browsers visits

TL;DR: Run localStorage.plausible_ignore = true in the browser's console to start excluding your own visits.

More specific instructions in Plausible docs.

How to exclude your own mobile browsers visits

We need to set the localStorage item mentioned in the previous section.

However, running code in a browser's console on an Android device is a hassle[1]. Running code in iOS Safari's console is also a hassle[2], and only possible if you have a Mac as far as I know.

What doesn't work

You could try pasting the following code to the browser's URL bar and then executing it by "visiting" the URL:


It's the same code as the code that should be run on desktops, but prefixed with javascript:.

But it hasn't worked on my iOS device. I don't know about Android devices; you could try.

What does work: a bookmarklet

A bookmark with the location set to a javascript: URL is a bookmarklet. So, create a browser bookmark with the location set to the code from the previous section, and then run it. Here's how:

Note that iOS Firefox doesn't support bookmarklets.

I confirmed that the bookmarklet worked by looking at the analytics; my own visits from my iPad were not counted anymore.


  1. If you want to do it, see these articles for pointers:

  2. See How to Debug on iPhone Safari ↩ī¸Ž