Running vs jogging

Published on in English and Running

Jogging is one type of running. When I run, I mostly jog, but I still think I'm a runner, not a jogger. Huh?

Here's one definition for jogging on

to run at a leisurely, slow pace, especially as an outdoor exercise

So, jogging is slow running.

Jogging is running, but not all running is jogging. For example, sprinting is also running (but sprinting is not jogging).

What is "slow running" is personal. If you are running and feel that you could easily run faster, maybe your current pace is a jogging pace (i.e. a slow pace).

It doesn't matter much which word you use. Though sometimes the distinction can be useful as someone writes on Reddit:

I feel like they're interchangeable for the most part.

But like, if I'm talking to a non-runner about my workouts for some reason, I might say something like "I'll run fast for a mile, then jog for a half mile, and repeat that six times" just because I feel like they'll get that "jog" means "run slower" in that instance.

"Running" also sounds cooler than "jogging," so I consider myself a runner, even though I almost always aim for easy runs.