TFA stands for "The Featured Article"

Published on in English

And RTFA/RTFM stands for "Read The Fine Article/Manual." Who likes profanity, anyway?

Some people on sites like Reddit and Hacker News tend to use the abbreviation TFA to refer to the discussed article. If the comment is otherwise non-negative or even positive, I'm always baffled – why the hostility? Why the profanity?

Luckily, with some quick googling, I found that the letter "F" in the abbreviations TFA, RTFA and RTFM can be interpreted as "fine" or "featured." Genius! Now I don't have to get triggered from reading other people's comments on the Internet.

Bonus: Android's Log util has Log.d(), Log.e(), Log.i(), Log.v() and Log.w() methods for different levels of logging: debug, error, information, verbose and warning, respectively. And there's one more: to "report an exception that should never happen." But what does "wtf" mean here? What a terrible failure. Terrific!