Two types of skills and two types of learning

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Expiring skills vs permanent skills and just-in-time learning vs just-in-case learning.

TL;DR of Mike Crittenden's blog post Learning a technology you don't need right now is a waste of time:

  • Two types of skills:
    • Expiring skills: hard skills, e.g. TypeScript, React, Kubernetes
    • Permanent skills: soft skills, e.g. attitude, discipline, charisma
  • Two types of learning:
    • Just-in-time: learn when you need the skill/knowledge
    • Just-in-case: learn in case you need the skill/knowledge in the future
  • Hard skills expire, so learning them just-in-case is a waste of time
  • Soft skills are permanent and compound over time, so learning them just-in-case is wise

This is why I'm not eager to take courses if they are about hard/expiring skills that I know I won't need in the near future.

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