Goodbye Cookbook, hello more blog posts

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I ditched my website's Cookbook section and converted existing recipes to blog posts. Mostly to reduce stress and make things clearer.

Up until today, my website had a Cookbook section which contained "technical recipes": short tips, tricks and code snippets.

Today I converted all existing cookbook recipes to blog posts.

I wasn't sure which articles should be cookbook recipes and which articles should be blog posts. Some blog posts already felt like they should be cookbook recipes, and vice versa.

The cookbook just caused extra stress in the end because I had two things to maintain: the blog and the cookbook. Or actually three things, since I am (update: was) also writing a weekly log.

At some point I almost had the idea to make two versions of some articles: a long and detailed blog post, and a short and straight-to-the-point cookbook recipe.

But that would have been silly: double work for no apparent reason. If a blog post is long, I'll rather include a short summary or split it into smaller posts. If a blog post is short, that's fine too!

The "downside" of removing the cookbook is that I really like the terms "cookbook" and "recipe." I think I was inspired by Kirby CMS's cookbook section.

Another source of inspiration was Zander Martineau's Code Notes. I found it a year ago via his blog post Announcing Code Notes. Cool! I have now tried out something similar (though much simpler), and I'll rather keep my code notes under my blog.

All right, now I have more time and energy to write blog posts... or at least I hope so. 😅