My favorite mnemonics for American vs British English

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Use these weird tricks to remember which words are American English and which are British English. Linguists HATE them!

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Learned vs learnt

"Learned" is American English, "learnt" is British English.

Mnemonic: Englishmen like to drink tea, so the word ends in a t.

Source of the mnemonic: Learned or Learnt? on Grammarly

Words ending in "-er" vs "-re"

Many words end in "-er" in American English and in "-re" in British English.


American English British English
center centre
fiber fibre
liter litre
meter metre
theater or theatre theatre

Note that in American English, theater is the standard spelling, but the -re spelling is also commonly used, especially in proper names (the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre).

Source of the rule and the quote: Words ending in "-re" and "-er" on Lexico

Mnemonic: in Am-er-ican English, many words end in "-er."

Source of the mnemonic: me!