Squircley is an SVG squircle generator

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A squircle is a rounded square with no straight edges; the shape is a continuous curve.

Squircley is a simple tool for creating SVG "squircles."

Screenshot of the Squircley app, showing a yellow squircle and controls for customizing it.

From the author's (George Francis) dev.to article Soften up your designs with a Squircle!:

A Squircle, unlike an element with border-radius set, has no straight edges at all. The shape is a continuous curve! Apple love this trick and use it in both physical and digital design.

I love how squircles look! 🤩 Though funnily my brother doesn't like them, apparently because at some point they have been popular in Android as well so he has already received an overdose of them. 🤔

But I like them so check out Squircley and see the dev.to article for an interactive example!