Linen bedclothes are the best

Published on in Sleep

I recently switched from linen bedclothes (sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers) back to cotton bedclothes – bad idea. My sleep quality took a drastic hit.

Sometimes you notice the importance of something only after losing that thing. This is such a case.[1]

I have been using linen bedclothes for almost two years.

Recently I started using a second set of bedclothes to make laundry days easier – no need to wash the bedclothes first thing in the morning if I have more than one set of bedclothes.[2]

However, the second set of bedclothes is made of cotton. I didn't remember how bad cotton bedclothes are:

  • Cotton doesn't breathe properly.
  • Cotton feels "hard" (not soft).

It's possible that not all cotton bedclothes are bad, but mine are.

Last night I slept again with my linen bedclothes – and boy are they wonderful! I'll ditch the cotton bedclothes as soon as I have ordered a second set of linen bedclothes (so hopefully before next year).


  1. I didn't lose my linen bedclothes. I lost my higher quality sleep for a while.

  2. It's not a big deal to wash the bedclothes first thing in the morning, but if you forget and do it later in the day, they might not get dry enough before the night.