LTeX: grammar/spell checker on steroids for VS Code

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Doesn't only look for typos but for grammar and style issues as well. Not to be confused with LaTeX.

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About LTeX

LTeX is a grammar/spell checker for VS Code. It uses LanguageTool under the hood and supports LaTeX, Markdown and more.

I have been using LTeX for half a year now. It's great!

Note that LTeX is not the same as LaTeX, the "document preparation system."

👉 Check out the LTeX extension for VS Code


  • Checks for spelling issues (typos)
  • Checks for grammar issues
  • Checks for style issues
    • Example: "Three successive sentences begin with the same word. Consider rewording the sentence or use a thesaurus to find a synonym." I get this often when starting too many sentences with the word "I" (maybe I love myself too much)
  • Explains why things are (or might be) wrong instead of just complaining
  • Works offline
  • Is privacy-friendly (because works offline)
  • Is easy to set up: install the VS Code extension and the rest will be auto-installed
  • Provides quick fixes (Meta+.)
  • Doesn't slow down VS Code (at least not on my machine; some other spell checker extensions have been horribly slow)
  • Works even if you split sentences to multiple lines


  • Doesn't support Finnish
  • Doesn't support disabling checking for a single document/file
    • There's "LTeX: Clear Diagnostics in Current Document" in VS Code's Command Palette, but the extension runs again when you type or erase even a single letter
  • Sometimes leaves stray Java processes behind
    • It might be a good idea to manually terminate the stray processes from time to time, especially if you are low on RAM