7th week of 2021

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Employee of the month, 0 second visit durations in analytics, measuring blog posts using pomodoros.

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👨‍💼 Work

Employee of the month

I was nominated as the employee of the month at work! ✌ Though this was just our team's thing (not company-wide), and the selection was done by random... 😅

But it was nice! I received lovely feedback from my teammates. For example:

  • I'm good at explaining things.
  • I communicate clearly and calmly.
  • One teammate said that our sparring sessions during the last two years have increased her skills and knowledge a lot.

I recommend this practice for your team as well: about once a month, choose one person by random and nominate them as the employee of the month. The other teammates shall then take turns and give positive feedback to the lucky person.


  • The end of a sprint retro can be a good time for this.
  • Select the person by random to make the selection fun and fair. Otherwise: think about the poor guy or gal who would be picked last.
  • Give only positive feedback. This is supposed to be fun.

👨‍🚀 Personal

Hmm, nothing this week. Just took it easy and charged my batteries. But that's okay! Not every week has to be super productive. Besides, I had a productive week at work. That ought to be enough, right?

👨‍🎓 Learnings

0 second visit durations in analytics

The analytics of this super popular (/s) website show zero seconds as the visit duration of some visitors. I thought that it either means that those users close the site immediately after opening it, or that the analytics script has some problems with those users. But no, it means that the user has bounced, i.e. left after only viewing a single page.

From Plausible Analytics' metrics definitions:

Bounce Rate:
The percentage of visitors with a single page view. A visitor "bounces" away and leaves your site after only viewing a single page.

Visit Duration:
How long time visitors spend on your site. It only shows people who visit more than one page. For those who visit one page only we default to 0 seconds.

Apparently Google Analytics works similarly.

🕵️‍♂️ Cool stuff

"It took n pomodoros to write this post"

Blog posts by Jan Monschke seem to have text like this at the end:

🍅 It took 4 pomodoros to write this post 🍅

Cool idea! I might try it myself. I tend to spend too much time on writing my blog posts. Tracking the time spent, and maybe even limiting the maximum amount of pomodoro units per blog post, might make it easier to finish blog posts and limit their scope.

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